Vintage Statement Short

Hey Dolls!
After years and years of being afraid to wear shorts, I am now a short lover! Embrace your curves! Just look for the short that fits your body & Do not forget to rock them. Suprisingly enough, vintage shorts are my favorite so far. There High waisted and rippes make them very particular! I know that buying shorts can be tricky during Spring/Summer season, however do not be affraid to wear them. Vintage denim shorts are so trendy now in days. I opted to get the high waisted one! Denim does not just belong in jean form is trendy in any particular clothes!

Another super trend for this season are the slip-on sneakers. When I started seeing the slip-on sneaker pop up in these days I was a little unsure at first. However, slip-on sneakers are one of the most major trends this Spring! They have become my favorite of all time. As always black and white is always a good pick. Even more slip-on sneaker trend is poised to replace the wedge sneaker trend! So, make sure to get yours today!

In this occasion, I opted to combine this casual sporty look with Rainbow Shops Online pieces. We still have chill days remaining! So i decided to wear my leather jacket! This is the best season for leather jackets! Who else is a big fan?

Leather Jacket and slip-on are on their website! Make sure to check it now!

Vintage Shorts from Aeagle!

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