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Happy Hump Day!

This sporty chic look is so meaningful. Almost a year ago I decided to dedicate more time to the blog. I became a full time  Fashion Blogger. Being a Fashion Blogger is like any other profession. Sometimes it is hard to assume the role, but once you get used to It is nice to be recognized as a Fashion influencer, Stylist or Blogger. In couple of days i will be celebrating 1 year of making a great decision. It has been one of the best decision of my life. It has not been easy, but worth it. I’ve always dreamed to work with different brands, stores and I thought it was impossible. But once you start working with passion, dedication and love things come to you without you even notice. Make sure that whatever  you put your mind into makes you happy. HUSTLE, work, work, do it with passion and one day it will come back to you. Work until you get it!

Before I even started to blog one of my favorites stores is Rainbow Shops. I have a store very near my house, it is very convenience.  Rainbow is well known for being fashionable with their clothes and for having affordable prices. One day I said to myself I want to collaborate with Rainbow Shop. What should i do? I wrote to them and it took a long time for them to respond, but guess what, they did. I got so happy, i jumped, i cried and just tell myself, PATIENCE IS THE KEY. I have now been working with Rainbow Shops for over 3 months and I LOVE IT!

Being a fashion blogger is a career. This is not only a hobby but also a career. I enjoyed this as I enjoyed working my other full-time job. For those who do not know. I am also a Mental Health/Substance Abuse Counselor! I love to be both! I love to have both roles. I learned so much this last year and I want many more to come! DO What makes you HAPPY!

I wore this outfit for a Coffee Afternoon! Like i always say Wear what makes you happy! I felt really comfy and  fashionable! Do not forget to be chic & fabulous.

Do not forget to HUSTLE!

Thanks for reading, Xo, Scar!

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