Khaki & Olive

Khaki & Olive Season✨ 9.05.16
Khaki & Olive color has been reported to be two colors for Fall/ Winter 2016-2017! The Olive green has been famous to be a color that can match anything. Olive Green is versatile and surprising. Khaki as my top is another color that I love. These two colors you can use pretty much the whole year. However Fall/ Winter season is more prevelant to use it. Like I always have something interesring to share with you.  This is actually a jogger pants super super old that I found on my closet. I paired it with a body suit i bought for only $5.00 dollars. Remeber style has no value. Play with your clothes Olive & Khaki colors can match any other color.

Joggers: HM

BodySuit: Rainbow

Heels: Lulus

Don’t forget to be Chic & Fabulous💚




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